Blue Dream

Summer is eternal in your eyes,
none of that July sadness but endless breeze
and the scent of the bay
in the passing wind, the lingering taste
of alcohol and sin in your lips
makes me want this reality to never fade away.
What is love? Not a lost ancient artifact, but a survior,
a warrior, a soul with a name and it bears your beauty,
your existence is proof that victory tastes so sweet;
young romance and afternoon dreams,
youthful arrogance and blissful mistakes.
At the end of the day, you’ll be mine, won’t you?
This won’t end, this can’t end
and you will never be just an afterthought because
you are everything,
you are that last trace of everything that is right.

There’s a light within you
that will never fade away
and that light bears my name
for all eternity.

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Hair like the hue of ink spilled on flawless paper,
the night camouflaging some fragile deceptive beauty.
Let me at her eyes, I long to witness flames engulf her body
as I see it in endless repeat inside my mind.
The grotesque features that drives me wild,
the moon tempting me like some sick, hungry child;
I have to have her by the end of the month,
my hunger reminds me that a million souls want her for reward,
but that girl is mine
and the demon-controlled crowds will attempt to restrain her,
but her will is as free as crippling winds,
as elusive as a passing shadow from mythical ilusions.
I point the finger, I place the blame.

I speak now directly to you, my prancing silhouette.
Danger in physical form, malevolent disasters reside
Wherever you go, wherever you hide.
Release me from this longing.
We both know the ending.
Flames and gas and stakes and the putrid scent
of flesh decaying in the eyes of the merciless sun,
vultures erasing your legacy bit by bit,
beauty giving birth to justice preferred.
In the forests, they will scream your name
and the bark will feed the hunger of the flames
and child of the dark you will forever be
preserved in death’s cruel embrace.

You’re mine.
The tip of my blade yearns for your blood.
It yearns to love you,
deceptive beauty.

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Ruins of Romance

Is this love?
A distance in proximity, emotions imprisoned
by a more powerful entity;
Yearning for a touch that is never returned,
unreciprocated genuinely and broken promises?
Darkness in guise of light, tortured souls to tired
to put up a worthwhile fight,
a bruised heart caught in the dream that will remain unfulfilled.
Is this love?
Constantly being destroyed by what vowed to bring you up,
reminiscing of better days when
being alive was more than enough,
wishing on fallen stars to resurrect the feeling
of freedom when we first met.
This must be love.
It is the epitome of pain
that I want countless times again and again,
this must be love,
the shattered illusion and an ugly reality,
the realization that solitude brings me a better company
than the cruel battlefield when I find myself in your arms.
Is this love?
It must be.

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Your voice cuts like a million blades,
reawakening what memories lay dormant in my imaginations and dreams.
I bleed remnants of what I used to feel, emotions I cast away and threw into the fire.
Wounded, staggering on an empty road where salvation is nowhere to be found,
no sanctuary but in your arms that were never mine to hold in the first place.
I love what I used to love about you, love the way you could bruise me without a single touch,
love how you could lie about an alternate ending to this broken love story,
and that we’d find some way to end up in the same finale.
All I have is pain to remember the former glory,
how you spoke my name and liberated me,
but now I’m nothing but a caged bird that knows not a single song.
Everything is all wrong.
Everything began with you.
It should end with you.
Not being with you is the cruelest form of truth.
Ultraviolence in it’s rawest form.
You and I.

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Take Care.

You took all the weed and all of my money, but I didn’t care about that. You broke the bong that we got so damn high from, you shattered the vase that once held the bouquet for our anniversary, but that didn’t pierce my heart. You took a knife and sliced my wrist, but I didn’t care that I bled. I figured that I deserved it after leaving you alone in our bed for many nights at a time. Because you loved me truly, and I was out fooling around. Parading around the clubs with guns, aiming for my next target. Popping pills, drinking and piling on the bills so that I could shoot my bullets the next hour, at some stranger’s house rather than at the side of my lover.

It’s too late too aplogize, your departure is already finalized. I’m three weeks late and yes, love, I deserve all of this hate but please… All I ask of you. Take care. Take care of your soul, it was truly a blessing to delve in your realm. I felt a piece of serenity that had been pilfered from my humanity ever since genesis. Take care of your heart and take care of your body. But most of all, take care of our memories.

Never let them fade away. The day you walked out of the door became the most darkest of night. You were the light, and I went and let you go. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine in this room alone. But you, my love, set yourself free. Take care.

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Summer Is Never Over

That summer seemed to last forever. Sunlight and stolen kisses, smoking blunts and making wishes under the vast skies… I miss it all. 

Her laugh was the soundtrack of June to July, how we coincidentally met at the park when no one was around. She liked tequila, and I liked whiskey. She was into romance and I loved a good horror. She dreamed of becoming an actress, and I wanted nothing more than to be an elementary school teacher. She was nothing like I had hoped. But we hit it off. There were no sparks, as they say, but I felt the flame inside of me burn for once in my life. That excitement that could never be bottled up again; an emotion that has appeared and disappeared in a single month. The best month of my life.

I remember taking her home that same night, asked her if I could cook her dinner. Like all first dates, it was an epic disaster. An ear-splitting sound of the smoke alarm and burnt steaks, but she laughed and all of a sudden, everything was okay. We ate ice cream and watched a random cheesy flick on the TV set. 

And just like that, I was in love. The simplicity of what the heart craves amazes me to this day. Five seconds seemed like forever. I was lost in her maze, trapped in her fiery touch, liberated by her lips and high off of her scent. We knew nothing about each other, but who would argue that this wasn’t love? She said I made her feel alive, and I know that she brought me to life. Each night, a different story. Each night, we’d see different constellations. Finished off a new kind of liquor. Wrote a new chapter in this poetic collision we called fate.

But as all good stories, there must be a final sentence. I didn’t know that she would leave me so soon. Who knew that life could transform into a villain almost impossible to defeat? I heard of her death; I fell to my feet and mourned the loss of the soul mate I could never call my own. 

I walked down the aisle, and I said my vows. Kissed the lips of a woman I’d promise to be with, until death do us part. But as I stand on the shoreline of the beach that we once shared, I knew then, and always will know a simple fact… Sunsets will always remind me of her. That summer lasted forever. In fact, it never truly ended. 

Our story lives on, and the sun will rise yet again.

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Pathetic Little Heart

Something always brings me back to memories of you,
and I find myself sympathizing with the drug addicts
and criminals,
and how they try so hard to find the light
but are captivated by the temptation of darkness.
I write my words in your name
and glory from your love is all I seek,
I wish I could
take this misery in my soul
and smoke it all away, get high from
the promise of what could have been,
finally leave you behind.

But the midnight moon will be back soon.
In four hours, the curtains will reveal
my yearning
as I search the stars,
desperate for a sign
that we still belong together.

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Mortals and Goddesses

I wanted to fix her,
that broken, fragmented loneliness
and show her the meaning
of being whole.

Sunrise to sunset, I mended
what fell apart when she jumped,
what brought her to her knees,
and she denied her own beauty but I knew
that she was breathtaking even when
her heart was in pieces.

When she was finally back
to her usual self,
I wanted her to want me,
as I’ve yearned for her
but she had her wings now
and no reason to be mortal on the ground.
She took flight
and left me behind.

Maybe I’m the one
that needs saving now.

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2:19 AM

Could love so easily be forgotten? Love, not the shit that dreams are made of, but the raw emotion. That lingering desire that refuses to let go of your mind. That need for a touch that has long been gone, a fire that once burned and conquered darkness, eaten away by the very thing it vanquished.
Love. A destructive little creature. A growing parasite. A demonic manifestation of everything you ever feared. Love is a three letter word. Love has your name. Nightmares dance with the idea of romance, hurricanes clash with fields of roses. Petals in the storm, beauty torn into a thousand irreparable pieces.
Do you remember the nights when it was us against the world? I can still hear your voice, a lullaby I can’t live without. A symphony against static noise. You don’t remember how I sound anymore, do you? The story we deserved to have, it became possessed with the illness of reality. It transformed into something deadly. A new ending birthed from a futile beginning.
Could love be so easily forgotten? No. It remains in the shadows, and when I’m at my most vulnerable, it threatens to pull the trigger. I told you id always love you, and my soul doesn’t lie. In the madness of my mind, you’re still mine. You’ll always be mine.

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Reminiscing leads to temporary darkness.

Happiness was bound in chains and misunderstood by my mind. False passion as a distraction. Love is an illusion. The weak-hearted thrive on the promise of its fulfillment. It was a vision that I caught a glimpse of, but never fully understood. I thought it was truth. Right love, wrong time, the word was spoken. The lies in that statement lay ruin to genuine devotion. If it was right, I would have moved mountains to see it to fruition. If it was right, I’d make the impossible, possible. Days passed and nights went on, feeling loneliness take over. But strength triumphed, and the power of realization. I loved you. I loved you once. I’ll love you always. But I don’t need you in the way I dreamed of having. Your touch isn’t necessary, your lips weren’t vital to my life stream, your embrace was a wish that didn’t need to come true. I need you in my life, but I don’t need you as a lover. Flames were all we had, and the ending would have been a wildfire, a burning disaster.

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Thank You

For every unyielding instance I yearned for the slightest touch,
for every love letter burned with the flames of rejection,
moments tense with temptation, opportunities lost without redemption,
I still loved the feeling of slow, imminent destruction
that your presence granted my weak soul.
Uncaged, untamed, perhaps I let you go too soon,
but a beast you were, never truly under my control,
never meant to be my own.

The frost of midnight holds me not, I step on frigid land
and I catch a glimpse of you in the crowds
and I’m no longer broken by the truth of solitude,
to see your hand in his, I gain an unexplained victory
and your smile captured in this permanent frame,
locked away in my mind, locked away for eternity.

Success is mine, every time that you smile.
Triumph is within reach, the closer I fall into realization
that true love is a poison, chained with pain that will never heal
but it sometimes subsides,
at moments when you and I
even for
a single

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t e m p o r a ry

I want the gold, all that glitters in an hour. Permanence is for the dreamers, I want a temporary disaster. Your tongue like poison, mercury on my own, but I crave the taste of an uncertain end, so kiss me again. I want the gold, the riches that we deserve. A superficial love story, tainted by lust and polygamy. I want the crown, I want the throne. I want some head at midnight, I need someone to call my own. I want the title, but not the desire. No pain when I’m alone at night, no name engraved on my heart but I still want you as my property. You don’t have to last forever, just last me an hour. Content in mediocracy, consumed with hopes of romance, but that dream has been brutally destroyed. Love and I? There’s just no chance in hell.

Nothing gold can stay, but you are not that worthy. Imitation silver. My love reeks of liquid silver.  Temporary. That’s all we’ll ever be. 

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Bound To You

Allow me the guise of Prometheus,
be the eagle that feasts upon me.
Withstanding the pain is nothing, when a new sunrise means another chance to gaze upon your eyes.
Your flesh, crimson chains around my beating heart,
commanding its rhythm to follow your heartbeat.
In unison, they spell out my fate.
My name to only be ever spoken from your tongue,
my body offered as sacrifice to your existence.
Take me as I am, for I am bound to you.

As a slave to his master, I am chained to you.
I am at your disposal, as a loyal servant or as a tortured soul.
Nights that last decades when I am without your touch;
every passing second, a snowstorm everlasting.
Bound to you.

Despised the idea of being held down,
but if  your love is Poseidon’s fury,
hen allow me to drown.
An anchor in chains, around my feet,
I’ll sink to my demise if it is you that I greet in the abyss that follows.
Bound to you.

I am an animal untamed,
a savage monster that kills on demand, until I hear your name.
My freedom lies within your reach, but I’m obsessed with captivity.
Your hands are my prison, my love.
Throw away the only key, because I’d rather be
bound to you.

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it won’t stop

The pain returned so quietly. No defense mechanisms to keep it out; a ghost that I thought I had conquered, was back with a vengeance. Never mind the fact that the past few months have been glorious. Never mind that the path I walked on was finally separate from the dangers of the past. Fuck it all. Fuck it all. I thought happiness was at my reach, finally. Fate was on my side. Destiny was fulfilling its promise.
How wrong could I have been? The voices are back. That sharp pain is a recurring nightmare that won’t ever stop. Let me go already. Let me go. I want to let you go. I want you to leave and never come back. Just another taste, just another shot, another memory to relive, a glorious victory in a road of losses. Come back. Don’t go. I want what I don’t need. I need you, but I don’t.
It won’t stop. It won’t.

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